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The Couponier Pro ©

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The Couponier Pro ©

If you want to have a business of your own, be independent, and enjoy a successful life style, The Couponier Pro © can help you make that happen!

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The Couponier Pro v2.0

The Couponier Pro © NOW for All Servers! Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.

Couponier"A person who collects and uses Coupons for discounts on purchases."

An all New and Exciting Online Coupon Program, The Couponier © using the latest Ajax, HTML5 & CSS3 web technologies to bring you a coupon program that is fast, sleek, user friendly and users can see coupons on there Phone, Tablet or PC!

If you want to have a business of your own, be independent, and enjoy a successful life style, The Couponier Pro © can help you make that happen!

The Couponier Pro © is a unique business opportunity for those who you are Motivated, Committed, and a Self Starter that is able to work independently to grow your own business.

This is Not a program that you install on your web site and hope people will come to you, rather it is a Tool for you to use in selling Coupon Advertising right in your own neighborhood to start.

In these tough economic times businesses are advertising like crazy to get people into there businesses, they know if people don't come in, they can't sell, if they don't sell they can't stay in business for long!! This is the harsh reality of business!

Business owners are paying lots of money for Advertising in those Coupon books, Flyer's and Coupon Mailers.

You can provide a bigger and better service opportunity to those businesses with The Couponier Pro program!

Because this business opportunity operates on residual income from repeat customers, your income will grow proportionately, as your customer base increases.

This is a perfect opportunity for those few of you who have the confidence and desire to earn your living and be highly compensated 100% for your labors.

You'll do exceptionally well if you have the ability to work independently, are focused on providing a professional service to your clientele and possess an entrepreneurial drive to succeed!

We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed!


The Couponier Pro ©

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The Couponier Pro - Requirements


Most Web Servers already have the below modules installed on them, but if they don't just politely ask them to install the modules, they are free so there is no cost involved.

Note: This program requires the Perl GD.PM module in order to display the security image, and we do the rest.

When ordering this program with installation, upon receipt of your order we will send you a plain text file called   setupinfo.txt   for you to fill out with your sites FTP login information, along with your store or company name, address, phone, email, etc. and then email the Completed file back to us as an attachment so that we can schedule it for installation, usually within 1 - 2 days.

Installation includes installing and configuring the program on your Website, installing all the HTML pages, Images and Supporting files. Testing the program operation and then sending you a copy of everything (All files) as they are installed on your site in a zip file for safe keeping.