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Apple Cart DBII - Responsive

(5 Stars) - AIM / SIM
100% Authorizenet and PCI Certified!

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Apple Cart DBII - Responsive v11R

Our Apple Cart Database Shopping Cart is Now Responsive & will work with Cell Phones, Tablets, & PC's!

Using the Latest in HTML5 & Bootstrap 3.1 CSS3, that allows you to show your products now on all types of media, we have created an HTML5 & Bootstrap 3.1 CSS3 14 Page Website Template with Crib notes on all pages, so that you can have a head start on the competition and you can change it anyway you like, and it's yours for FREE with the purchase of Apple Cart - Responsive v10.1 and what's better than Free? How about FREE Installation on your site FREE!!

Apple Cart has been around for about 15 years, and during that time we have added many features, and removed some but in this version we have kept the best and updated our whole theme by giving you 9 themes to choose from, and a link to thousands of additional FREE Themes, it's time to enter the future of technology and offer your products to all types of Media & Customers!

By Popular Request we have updated our program to include - SIM - Processing method (No SSL) and to accommodate shop keepers who only have a few items to sell and want to by pass the cart itself and go directly to check out to enter there credit card info.

I have also added many options for versatility, like adding thumbnail product Images to the cart and added two (2) special instructions fields that can be used for various products, (Gift Certificates, Monograms, Engraving, etc.) and Now a User can Upload Images to the cart ( Great for Specialty, Print and Photo shops ) with Multiple Store locations option for customer pick up, and or order processing!!

Apple Cart is completely self contained, and emails your orders to you, and sends a confirming copy to the customer.

Shipping can be set to work with Percentage of Sale, Price Range of Sale, Percent of Sale, By Weight, By Amount Spent, U.S.P.S. & U.P.S., As well as a Minimum Shipping amount.

Apple Cart - FEATURES

1.) * Authorize.Net - AIM / SIM 100% Certified - Support for all Card Holder authentication programs, and Fraud Detection Suite!
2.) * Easy program Setup & Configuration, No need to edit any program files anymore, All settings are now Controlled and Changed in the Administrators Console!
3.) * New Setting Options for Free Shipping after a certain amount reached in the cart.
4.) * New Setting Options Editable Discount Codes, a user enters your discount code at checkout and gets x percent off there purchase.
5.) * New Setting Options to allow customers to Upload Images for your product to Shopping Cart ( great for printers or photo shops, etc. )!
6.) * New Setting Options to add product Thumbnail Images to the cart!
7.) * New Setting Options to add 2 Special Instruction fields to cart!
8.) * New Send Email to Customers about shipping dates and Shipper tracking info, and a News letter too! All done on line through your Administrator Panel.
9.) * Multiple HTML pages of Sample Form Buy Buttons for your products & direct processing! ( So you can by pass the cart and go directly to checkout! )
10.) * Setup Option for multiple Store locations for customer pick up, or order processing! *
11.) * Setup Options to bypass the cart itself and go directly to check out!
12.) * New Program Help Pages!!
13.) * You can now do multiple price product pricing, with the color and or size fields! - - Click Here!
14.) * You can now Accept Donations, with our special Donation form! - - - Click Here!
15.) * You can now Accept eBay Payments, with our special payment form! - - - Click Here!
16.) * Shipping Options: Percent of Sale, By Weight, By Amount Spent, U.S.P.S. & U.P.S. Shipping to !
17.) * Add a new Customer from Admin Console!!!
18.) * Customer Log in at Checkout for Discount and speedy Checkout!
19.) * Decimal Option for Cart Quantity, For selling by the pound or yard!
20.) * Customer Order Status and tracking Information!
21.) * Admin Customer order tracking, Pending, Shipped and history
22.) * Admin Customer order status, and Ship. Date email notification
23.) * Send All Customers a News Letter from the Admin console!
24.) * Updated all Admin screens for a more user friendly interface!
26.) * Now with Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Year to Date Sales reports!!!
27.) * Now with Customer History, and Customer Ratings Sales reports!!!
28.) * Admin can Export Reports to a Coma, delimited file for Excel, Access, etc.
29.) * Backup, Download and Delete, Databases and Reports, and more...

Apple Cart - Payment Gateways

Apple Cart - Requirements

When ordering this program with installation, upon receipt of your order we will send you a plain text file called   setupinfo.txt   for you to fill out with your sites FTP login information, along with your store or company name, address, phone, email, etc. and then email the Completed file back to us as an attachment so that we can schedule it for installation, usually within 1 - 2 days.

Installation includes installing and configuring the program on your Website, installing all the HTML pages, Images and Supporting files. Testing the program operation and then sending you Administrator Login information and a copy of everything (All files) as they are installed on your site in a zip file for safe keeping.

Note: The HTML5 pages that we are giving you are Free, you can use them or not, the program will work with them or with some other HTML5 or HTML pages as long as you put a Buy or Add to Cart form button in the page.

These pages are the latest HTML5 & Bootstrap 3.1 CSS3 Responsive and without them the program won't be Responsive to all media, you can use other html5 & bootstrap 3.0 templates of your choice of course, but you can change these pages to look and say anything you want, All the pages have crib notes < -- Begin -->: and < -- END -->: to show where the beginning and end of an area, and help files for buttons, HTML5 & CSS Components, etc. WE DO NOT EDIT or REDESIGN THEM FOR FREE!

We can give you a Quote for a Total Site Design with Shopping Cart if you like, just Contact Us for a quote!


Most Web Servers already have the below modules installed on them, but if they don't just politely ask them to install the modules, they are free so there is no cost involved.

Note: To use the PayPal payment option, you must have LWP::UserAgent , Crypt::SSLeay Perl modules installed on your sites server for it to work.

Note: To Use payment option you must have LWP::UserAgent , Crypt::SSLeay - Net::SSL module , and the Digest::MD5 Perl module - for it to work!
Using the SIM - method does not require the above modules!

Note: To use Cardholder Authentication Programs, This option can only be used with the AIM API method
and You must be signed up with your authentication provider to use this option!

If using authentication programs certain Perl modules listed are required, these modules are Socket , Net::SSL , XML::Parser , LWP::UserAgent and must be installed in Perl on your web sites server for this option to work.