Mailit Pro 

Mailit Pro - with Captcha & Uploader

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STOP SPAMMERS with Captcha

100% Stop auto spam mailers in there tracks!

EASY   Installation it Almost installs itself!



Mailit Pro v2.6

Mailit Pro © NOW for All Servers! Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.

Mailit Pro © can handle all of your form email needs, including Multiple File Uploads of any type of file with max size (allowed) to your web site, as well as removing credit numbers or private fields from the users return email.

It can redirect the user to another page or site, or display an Internal thank you page which you can make to look like the rest of your site.

Mailit uses a required hidden field to take care of any of your required fill in field needs, and you can add any amount fields you want and more!

Mailit © now comes with Image Verification Security Code feature ( Captcha ). This stops remote spoofing and spam, because the user has to enter the Code displayed in order to continue

Mailit Pro - FEATURES

Mailit Pro © Options:

In Form
Who To Mail To.
Redirect after submit.
Check Required fields.
Remove Security Sensitive fields from users email.
Multiple File Uploads.
Add Job Numbers to uploaded file names, by just adding the job_number field to the form.

In Setup
Set Company Name, Address, Phone.
Set Webmaster Email Address.
Set Cc emails to others.
Set Site URL home page
Set Url Referrer Checking.
Set Add Additional Sites to Referrer Checking.
Set Up File Uploader.
Set Upload Directory Location.
Set Allowed File Types.
Set Max File Upload Size.
Allow Links to uploaded files, in users email (You get links:)
Set Image Verification Security Code feature.

Change Background, Back, Home button image names and locations... more!

Mailit Pro © comes ready for Windows or Unix / Linux type servers, and you can configure Mailit Pro right from your browser.

You can run Mailit Pro © under SSL also!!!!

Mailit Pro © Also comes with some sample forms to show you the different ways you can construct your own forms to suit your needs, as well as a few button and background images that you can use or change to suit.

Mailit Pro - Requirements

Note: This program requires the Perl GD.PM module in order to display the security image. That is all and most websites already have these modules installed on there servers, if not you can ask them to install it for you, they are free so there is no charge!

When ordering this program with installation, upon receipt of your order we will send you a plain text file called   setupinfo.txt   for you to fill out with your sites FTP login information, along with your store or company name, address, phone, email, etc. and then email the Completed file back to us as an attachment so that we can schedule it for installation, usually within 1 - 2 days.

Installation includes installing and configuring the program on your Website, installing all the HTML pages, Images and Supporting files. Testing the program operation and then sending you a copy of everything (All files) as they are installed on your site in a zip file for safe keeping.