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World of Coupons Pro ©

If you want to have a business of your own, be independent, and enjoy a successful life style, World of Coupons Pro © can help you make that happen!

Free   Installation - NEW UPDATE!



World of Coupons Pro v5.5

World of Coupons Pro © NOW for All Servers! Windows, Unix, Linux, etc. - SIM Ready!

Pay Pal - IPN Ready! - SIM and Pay Pal - IPN payment Gateway options have been added for your convenience, this is optional!

Accept and Process Credit Cards and Checks Online with World Of Coupons Pro© is user friendly and users can see coupons on there Phone, Tablet or PC!

New Feature:   New Members database! Where users can sign up to be a member and select their coupon preferences for weekly or monthly email notices and or do a members search using their preferences, by just putting in their email address!

World of Coupons Pro ©   Can be used for In House or Commercial resale of coupons!

The program provides the user with a report of Views and Hits for each coupon!

Coupons are presented in a standard newspaper format, with product image, bar-code, Splash head lines, consumer and retailer disclaimers, as well as a place for company name, coupon expiration date and company website name.

Coupons are search-able by Category, City, State, and or Zip Code if so desired. The program can generate single or double column displays with category descriptions, to the front page as well as drop down category and state search box's, giving you complete flexibility on design and display options.

The programs Coupon display is template driven, so that you can change the look and feel of the display to suit your needs. Coupons can be selected in single or multiples and brought to a print out screen for printing.

World of Coupons Pro © product Image upload Options can be set for any file size, height and width, and type!

You can also set when coupons are to expire. i.e. 30, 60, 90, etc. days. At the end of that time, the coupon will be automatically deleted, and the maximum amount of coupons allowed adjusted. This allows the program to be maintenance free and easy to administer!

World of Coupons Pro © Users have their own Admin Console in which they Login to and start creating their coupons, with product image, bar-code, Splash head lines, consumer and retailer disclaimers, as well as a place for company name, coupon expiration date and company website name.

In a what you see is what you get interface. So users can see what their coupon is going to look like before it is presented and print out a copy if they so desire. Users can manage their coupons into Folder categories with product titles, etc..

Users have the ability to replace or delete coupons and edit all existing folder and coupon information. If the program is set for Pay Coupons it will allow the user to purchase more coupons when their maximum number, has been reached.


World of Coupons Pro © Administrators Console lets you do anything that the user can do and more.

The Administrators Console allows you to View, Delete, Print and Update Users information, Orders, and amount of coupons. As well as adding new users and automatically notifying them by email, of their username, password and login link.

You can delete a user and all of his coupons at the push of a button or increase his amount of coupons as easy as typing in a new number at the users update screen!

World of Coupons Pro © Pay Option can charge users for creating and hosting their coupons using PayPal online payment gateway or off line manual processing by you!

World of Coupons Pro © Can notify you by email of a new user sign up, reorder, and new coupons with a link to the Coupon! (If using the pay option!)

If the program is set for Pay Coupons, you can turn off emailing orders to you and view them in the administrators console instead, then print the order out and delete it for security! The user will always get a copy of his order less credit card information, if the Pay Option is active!

World of Coupons Pro - Requirements

Note: Most Web Servers already have the below modules installed on them, but if they don't just politely ask them to install the modules, they are free so their is no cost involved.

Note: You can turn off all pay and hide user options, to use the program as an In House Coupon creator, with all the search-able database options intact!

Note: To use the PayPal payment option, you must have LWP and Crypt:: SSLeay Perl modules installed on your sites server for it to work.

Required Perl Modules:,,,,

The program will work on both, Windows and Unix type servers with Perl 5.6 or better installed and an active cgi-bin!

When ordering this program with installation, upon receipt of your order we will send you a plain text file called   setupinfo.txt   for you to fill out with your sites FTP login information, along with your store or company name, address, phone, email, etc. and then email the Completed file back to us as an attachment so that we can schedule it for installation, usually within 1 - 2 days.

Installation includes installing and configuring the program on your Website, installing all the HTML pages, Images and Supporting files. Testing the program operation and then sending you a copy of everything (All files) as they are installed on your site in a zip file for safe keeping.